Andern Management Group 

Precision Change Management

About Us

Andern Management Group specializes in Change Management with an emphasis on Process Improvement, Environmental Health and Safety, Quality, and Increased Profitability. With over 35 years of experience, our team has provided Precision Change Management to various types of industries while increasing Productivity, Throughput and Efficiency thereby reducing Cost, Inventory and Waste.

Our ability to problem solve in complex situations is the forefront of our team. 

Our expertise in identifying, designing and managing a Precision Change project or Environmental Health & Safety program while building a partnership with our customer is the foundation of our company.

Andern Management Group has the experience to Audit, Design, Validate, Develop, Train, Implement, and Manage environmental health & safety programs, facility reorganization, site optimization, process improvements, facility integration, site relocation, consolidation, decommissioning, demolition and environmental remediation. 

We offer support at all levels depending on your needs. From task –specific assistance to complete turn-key design-build projects including management oversight, we are here to help your organization reach its fullest potential.

Change is inevitable.  How a business handles change and how they implement change can make the difference between growth, profit, employee retention, and its future.