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Precision Change Management

Precision Process Improvement

Precision Process Improvement is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its processes to achieve more efficient results. The process a business is looking to change may be hard set as in a manufacturing environment, assembly, testing, metallurgical or plating, environmental, health and safety, or diverse as service or support industries such as business, sales, finance, food service, or food preparation. Many believe process improvement is mainly for manufacturing processes or a process in which something is physically made. But in fact, process improvement techniques can be utilized in almost anything one can imagine. Remember, a process is no more than the steps and decisions involved in the way work is accomplished.

Eliminating waste, non-value added touch labor, reducing the time taken to complete a task, organizing to produce an efficient output and improving the process flow increases throughput, reduces costs, and improves the quality associated with the process.   

Process improvement methodology has been documented in various journals and books since 1971. With the ever changing business and world environments today, Process Improvement is being re-written to change with the times.
A typical process improvement endeavor follows an organizational development period followed by actions taken by process owners. These actions often follow a methodology or a strategy to improve an existing business process or to meet new objectives and goals. Many process improvement groups sell a company the services of improvement but fall short of the long term goal of continuous improvement or sustainment. Andern Management Group has changed the methodology of process improvement to include Precision Process Improvement techniques. These well documented techniques are considered the latest in the effort to increase awareness, address buy-in at all levels, develop ownership, provide open communication, and deliver improvements that last. Remembering that change is inevitable and Andern means “to change”, we live by our name and provide positive change results.