Andern Management Group 

Precision Change Management

Relocation - Consolidation

If you're thinking about relocating or consolidating your business, now is the time to take full advantage of the opportunity to improve what your business does. Relocating or consolidating a business is not as simple as packing boxes and moving to a new location or combining other businesses into one. This thought process typically leads to poor results such as lost revenue, increased cost, or loss of market share.  The capital cost of relocating or consolidation is one factor to consider but the typically not recognized underlying or hidden cost can become quite high if not identified and managed properly.


Although some planners promote the “grass is greener on the other side” and expect the business will be better once moved or combined, the opposite may be true if not properly, designed, orchestrated and managed. Here are some underlying hidden factors to consider:

> Cultural Integration
> Employee Anxiety leading to Reduced Performance 
> Process Implications

> Loss of Undocumented Knowledge
> Logistics
> Data and Documentation
> Customer On-Time Delivery
> Supplier Issues


Andern Management Group provides precision Relocation, Consolidation, Integration and if required Environmental Remediation expertise.


We'll evaluate the relocation or consolidation  from a strategic business, tactical, operational, and financial aspect. After providing all details of our analysis and gain customer agreement, it is then determined to begin the project.
Andern Management Group  has the experience to perform a complete turn-key managed approach providing a sound business and financial plan that will help generate revenue growth, reduce cost, and improve your process while easing any transitional questions you may have.